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Oryx Technologies website design November 2013 newsletter about creating a great user experience
NEWSLETTER November 2013

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It's wonderful to feel the weather warming up during this very active Christmas lead up. Hopefully it's a sign of a wonderful summer so we can all enjoy a break with plenty of rest and recreation - it's been a busy year.

In this newsletter, we're looking at how to make your websites visible across a range of devices from desktop to mobile phones, how to be sure your website gives your visitors a great experience and a couple of tips, including how to register your dot kiwi name (you can apply now if you have a trademark).




websites and their 'viewability'


One of the topics around in relation to websites, one which won't be going away, is making sure yours is useable or viewable on all those devices out there, desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

The two main terms you'll probably hear in relation to this are responsive and adaptive design - and they're often used interchangeably although they are not the same thing.

Adaptive basically means you create different versions of the each website and install programming on your server to detect what device is being used. The server then delivers the appropriate version of your website to that device. In reality, this expense is probably not really necessary unless you are a big company, for example American Airlines or Air New Zealand who take bookings online anywhere, or eBay.

Responsive is a simpler approach. There is one website which incorporates various coding and grids. The whole page or site is delivered to the device (eg smartphone) and responds to the width of the device's screen to best fit the available space. A good example is - just grab the corner of your screen and reduce the size and you'll see the page change to fit.

Or you can use the best of both worlds - again a more expensive option than responsive but one the Boston Globe used to good effect - mainly responsive but with some server side programming to remove some items, such as large images and videos.

As the number of tablets (and smart phones) increases year by year (in 2012 desktop sales actually dropped for the first year ever rather than increasing) having a website accessible on all devices is becoming more and more important. Most of you will find your websites are already pretty easy to view on all devices, but older sites may need some new coding or a total review.

Talk to Oryx if you'd like to learn more about responsive design for your website.





giving your visitors a great user experience

These days, a great user experience is really important in the design and development of your website.

A great user experience makes sure that when someone visits your site, they enjoy every part of it, they can move around it easily and they can find everything they want. It leads to higher sales or conversions which are right at the heart of a website design.

Think about why you enjoy your favourite stores, which of course have been created with customer experience in mind. Your website should be no different.

Basically, like so many things, it's about putting yourself in your client's shoes and thinking about the experience they're looking for when they visit your site. It's about understanding how they see the world. And, all things being equal, we'll all choose a website that delivers the experience we're after.

Read more here.

Talk to us if you'd like to create a great user experience for your visitors.




some tips

website statistics

Anyone hosted with Digiweb has had the advantage of website statistics set up as part of the hosting. These statistics are called Urchin Statistics, which were purchased by Google some years ago. Google then piggybacked off Urchin to build Google Analytics - which is of course a very successful product.

Google is "retiring" Urchin and although it will continue to function for a while, we strongly recommend moving to Google Analytics.

If you'd like help with switching over your statistics give us a call.

dot kiwi - protect your trademark

A small number of businesses will be able to sign-up to reserve their favourite .kiwi domain name and be a part of the .kiwi Pioneer Programme, between now and Christmas.

Dot kiwi "pioneers" will be among the first people in the world to have access to new email addresses and websites ending in .kiwi, rather than .com, .net,, or other similar .nz formats. Dot kiwi is the first New Zealand-based generic top level domain name approved by ICANN, and will be one of the first in the world to become available.

The launch has been organised to ensure that trademark owners can register their marks as .kiwi domain names, before the general public has the opportunity to. For more information, the schedule of who can register names when and to apply to register your dot kiwi name, click here.





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