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No matter what size your business, Oryx Technologies can design and develop a website to market your organisation or products, in a manner consistent with your brand, and undertake the search engine optimisation. The key to website design success lies in developing a clear strategy, careful planning and common sense!

Following are a selection of some of our websites.

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Thorndon Green Gardens
A key principle of this website is to use email newsletters to build their business. A corner stone of this garden centre is the personal advice and suggestions so it was important the website reflect this. Search engine optimisation is also an important aspect for this website’s visibility.

A leading New Zealand gift and furniture store, Cranfields needed a clear, stylish website with an online shopping facility and a full content management system for updating and adding products.
A fashion shoe business in the far north, Shoestyles was seeking to maximize retail opportunities and provide customers with an easy, online way to see what’s on offer in the latest season’s range. To further promote the site, search engine optimisation played a key role.

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Bain & Associates
specialist New Zealand consultancy, who provide governance and strategic management advice, as well as navigating complex transformations in public and private sector organisations. The brief was to provide a
professional, modern design providing information for potential clients.


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Brandon Health Clinic
The brief was to target a younger audience, with a focus on sports related injuries and women's health. Due to their location in Wellington's centre, the practice is well positioned to attract business people as well as families.


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Vilders Jewellery Gallery
An elegant design to showcase goldsmith artist Dorthe Kristensen's unique pieces of jewellery was at the core of the brief for this website. As one of the strategies was to launch shopping on line the website has user friendliness as well as the stylish subject at its core.


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Health Products
A fun retail site, with interaction, a competition and online shopping. This site is core to Health Products' business which offers water purifiers and filters, vitamins, air purifiers, juicers, sprouters, dehydrators and sauna, among other health products.

New Zealand Principals' Federation
NZPF were seeking a redesign and development of their four year old website. Included in the brief was a requirement to restructure the information contained on the website, ensure easy and logical navigation and make it attractive for members.
Khandallah Pharmacy
This community based pharmacy has wide experience in providing community health services, natural beauty and health products and unique and special gifts. Their aim was ensure their website enabled the Pharmacy to deliver up to date information using a content management system to ensure easy updating, as well as search engine optimisation.

The Village Vet in Churton Park
A new business in Wellington, the Village Vet needed a website which would help draw in business, and a design which illustrated their personalised service. A content management systema nd search engine optimisation were critical to this design.

William & Mary
Luxury boutique accommodation in Kerikeri, William & Mary needed a website which reflects their peaceful surroundings and situation close to the Kerikeri golf course. Search engine optimization is a key for their business.
New Zealand Craniofacial Programme
The Craniofacial Programme treats children and young adults with deformities of the skull, orbits and face. Our brief was to divide our client's previous website into two , one focusing on his private cosmetic surgery business, the other on his craniofacial surgery public health services.
The brief was to design a website focused on their game and hunting dog breeding which ensures good ranking in the search engines, necessary for their competitive market. As well as clear design, search engine optimisation was critical to this project.

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Annie Hayward Art
An excitingly innovative artist in Eastbourne, Wellington, Annie Hayward creates prints, and greeting and gift cards as well as her original art. The brief was to develop a website which would enable her work, both abstract and figurative, to be updated regularly.

Internship New Zealand
Internship provides quality programmes and services to students and professionals looking for work-related experience to enhance skills and study or career related knowledge. The key strategy was for their website to focus clearly on their distinct target market.
Onslow Medical Centre
Established in 1992, Onslow Medical Centre is a small, friendly family practice in Johnsonville, Wellington, offering a full range of general practice services for all ages. The brief was to build a friendly family oriented website, with a content maangement system so it could be updated inhouse. Search engine optimisation was very important.
Wellington Vasectomy Clinic
New Zealand has the highest rate of vasectomy in the world with over 40% of couples now choosing vasectomy when their families are complete. The newly established Wellington Vasectomy Clinic requested an easy to use website which clearly explained their services and which gained ranking in the search engines as soon as possible.
Paving New Zealand
A leading New Zealand paving company, Paving New Zealand's brief was to design an upmarket website which reflects it's brand and the nature of its product and business. The site also illustrates the wide range of paving available as well as a gallery of work. Search engine optimisation is an important aspect to this development.
Charles Davis, Cosmetic Surgeon
Our brief was to split our client's current website into two new websites, one focusing on his private cosmetic surgery business, the other on his craniofacial surgery public health services. This website features the cosmetic surgery private business and enables people to read about the options and potential results in a clear and factual manner.

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Icon Textiles
As distributor of furnishing fabrics, wallpapers, trimmings and furniture in New Zealand, the brief was to provide a showcase of all designers and collections, such as Designers Guild, which Icon represent. The website is easily adaptable to reflect the constantly changing collections to remain current.

Beauty Zone
The brief for this Lower Hutt beauty salon was to highlight the range of services and products offered, while creating a feeling reflecting the tranquil oasis Beauty Zone provide to enhance their customer’s experience.
BizSites Affordable Websites
A range of affordable website templates in a range of designs and options is offered by BizSites. Appropriate for small and medium businesses and organisations, BizSItes provides an easy and affordable way for people to get a start on the internet.
Cafe Villa
A family friendly cafe in Ngaio Wellington serving scrumptious cafe style food. Cafe Villa brief included a website which would reflect the warm and welcoming atmosphere, and where the owner could regularly alter his quotes in the left column - these also appear on the blackboard outside the cafe. The website is built with a full CMS enabling daily updating of content and images.

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Sprott House
The brief was to work with Sprott House to develop a website for this Wellington located rest home. The site needed to be attractive and easy to navigate in order to appeal to families as well as residents and provide a clear understanding of the care and services.


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Artwork Framers
A well known picture and art framing business in Wellington, Artwork Framer’s brief was to design their website in line with their new branding and logo and to ensure the website gave a clear feeling of their business. Hints and advice as to how to care for your art and a gallery of framing samples is available.


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Crispin Korschen
A charming, energetic and whimsical artist, Crispin Korschen’s brief to us was to develop a clear website which formed a gallery for her work. Each print, card and original are enlargeable so the customer can obtain a clear idea of the piece of art. A cms enablse the artist to update the site as needed.

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Scots College
This private boys college needed a partner to work with them to redevelop their website, extranet and intranet. A key objectives was to develop a professional and attractive website which is a living marketing tool.

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