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focused content pages

One of the keys to generating search engine traffic is to get your site into the top five or ten positions on the search engines for the keywords and keyphrases that matter to your business.

It's often hard to get your home page to score high since it is the general entrance to your entire website content. One really powerful tool is to write a series of focused search engine friendly content pages, each of which features a particular topic. These pages aren't general, but very specific to aspects of your business.

This is a optimisation service provided after your site has been optimised and is designed to expand the scope of your keyword coverage.

Oryx will work with you to identify up to five keyword phrases your target audience will be searching on. We then develop up to four new search engine-friendly pages featuring content relevant to these keywords and integrate them with your website.

The service is valued at NZ$650.00 + gst.

Please note that these packages do not include paid submissions. These would be costed separately in discussion with you.

Contact us and we will work with you to put together a carefully planned search engine optimisation plan.

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