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search engine optimisation - silver

This search engine optimisation package can be used either for launching a new website or improving the rankings of an existing web site.

This investment involves:

1. assessing your site's current position.
2. identifying up to six keyword phrases relevant to your target audience, which they might use to search for a business or organisation such as yours.
3. enhancing up to eight main pages of your website to include these keyphrases. This may mean editing the text. Or, we may develop up to two new content pages and integrate them into your site to focus on the key phrases.
4. preparing and amending the titles for the optimised pages.
5. preparing or amending the metatags per page optimised.
6. preparing a report covering the above.
7. making the required enhancements to your site.
8. manually submitting your website to key search engines and directories.

This investment is valued at NZ$1290.00 + gst.

Please note that these packages do not include paid submissions. These would be costed separately in discussion with you.

Contact us and we will work with you to put together a carefully planned search engine optimisation plan.

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