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writing for websites

People who visit your website usually scan looking for bits of information that interest them rather than reading the whole page. Most of them will never read it word for word but decide which bits they wish to spend more time on.

So writing for the web needs to be very clear, concise, informative and attractive. This means that writing for the web (for scanners) is quite different to writing for print (for readers). And, reading a computer screen is about 25% slower than a page…..do the sums!

Some of the techniques of writing for the web include using

  • eye-catching headings with useful information
  • meaningful sub-headings usually every 3 – 4 paragraphs
  • highlighted or bold text and keyword phrases
  • short paragraphs limited to one idea to make it easy to scan
  • avoid complex sentences - go for short to mid length sentences with just one idea or concept
  • bulleted and numbered lists
  • half the word count of writing for print
  • little jargon or slang
  • shorter words where possible, eg ‘begin’ rather than ‘commence’ etc.

As well it needs to

  • appeal to your target market and engage them
  • call your customer to action
  • provide useful and valuable information which holds their attention
  • establish credibility for your business
  • support your brand
  • offer a compelling reason to buy or to act

Your writing style will vary according to the audience you target. The wider your audience the simpler your writing needs to be.

What next?
To talk with us about writing for your website or another copywriting project, please contact us on 04 212 6160 for a free quotation.

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